Kindy and School Visits

Sunshine has made two visits to classes in the past ten days, first to my son’s prep class and then today to his old kindergarten. Because I can’t take photos in these locations, I’ve given you a cute pic of Flynn on his last day of kindy instead, as well as a snap from the first day they met.

Both the teachers of this classes were keen to have Sunshine along and it was a great experience for her too. She was really gentle and calm, even when she was enthusiastically ‘mobbed’ by little hands and took it all in her stride.

For us, this was a fantastic opportunity to introduce Sunshine to the plethora of sensory input classrooms have to offer, from the smell of classrooms, to the sound of bags in bag racks, the feel of many textures of floorings (wood, rubber, concrete, grass, garden, carpet), desks, chairs, school bells, play dough (which she tried to eat!), food scraps in bins, and the feeling of many hands on her all at once.

Today at kindy, she got to walk through a fairy garden boardwalk, and I took treats along to keep her focused on me while we practised ‘sit’ and ‘drop’ in a room with 20 people and lots of distractions. Fortunately, she is incredibly food-motivated so getting her attention isn’t hard.

It was a wonderful grounding for future visits and both teachers have invited us back again.


The Journey Begins

This was the first day I met Sunshine, at seven weeks of age, May 2018 on The Gold Coast. There were only two puppies left in this litter, both girls. I climbed in with them and let them jump all over me and chew me and slowly I felt a stronger pull towards the one in the yellow ribbon, though I couldn’t have told you why, exactly.

After I stepped out, and the one with the yellow ribbon came to the edge to see me off, I really noticed that yellow ribbon and it seemed like a sign. Our nearly six-year-old son had declared weeks earlier (three months on from the devastating loss of our nearly twelve-year-old Golden Retriever Daisy) that we would get another “golden” (Golden Retriever) and “her name will be Sunshine”.

“Look!” I said to the breeder. “She has a yellow ribbon! It’s Sunshine!”

Still, the breeder wasn’t going to commit. I left that day, knowing that she wanted to give another woman the first pick of the two pups that remained. I tried to let go of attachment to the idea that Yellow Ribbon was meant for us.

When I went returned, the other woman was at the house and had chosen her pup. It was the one in the purple ribbon. “She just ran straight up to me!” she said, and I smiled, thinking, “I knew it!”

Yellow Ribbon was meant for us.